Keet Wines


The Keet Wines cellar is located in South Africa’s Stellenbosch wine region, on the Van Biljon’s farm near De Toren. Chris Keet started Keet Wines in 2008, following a 15 year stint at Cordoba wines, up against the slopes of the Helderberg, having made and perfected the beautiful, Cabernet Franc dominant Cordoba Crescendo. 


Chris Keet is a somewhat illusive figure in the wine industry, although is part of the foundation of some of the biggest and most successful brands in South Africa today. With the incredible trajectory of his First Verse - the only wine in the Keet Wines portfolio - he has quickly been catapulted into the limelight. Tim Atkin rated his 2015 vintage 97 points, billing it: “classic, refined, nuanced and refreshing with silky tannins and near-perfect balance”.

 Winemaker Chris Keet

Chris is unique in that he is both viticulturist AND winemaker. His fundamental understanding of both areas led him to the belief that the things winemakers had been ‘tweaking’ in the cellar, could easily be tweaked in the vineyard. It is Chris’ philosophy that the art of viticulture and winemaking lies in the focus, attention to detail and precision nurturing of vine and wine.


Chris is also unique in that he makes only one wine – the award-winning First Verse. First Verse is not a classic Bordeaux blend dominated by any one varietal. Rather, it is an equal blend, the harmony of it more important than any one varietal. Keet First Verse can be likened to a fine symphony of orchestral instruments, each performing in perfect harmony.


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