Vino Peter Lisicky Frankovka Dornfelder 2019
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Vino Peter Lisicky Frankovka Dornfelder 2019

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Terroir, Site & Climate

Cultivation of the viniculture in Slovakia dates back to the 13th century. One of the specifics of Slovakian soil is diversity and complexity. 

Continental climate has mild winters and hot summers and an average rainfall of 511mm. Harvest usually starts in September and lasts until the end of October. 

It is also very important to notice that Slovakia belongs to the countries with German Wine Classification, with the main emphasis on the grape's natural sugar levels.

With the predominant soil being volcanic andesite, loam and sand and the terrain located at 220 meters above sea level with sloping angles ranging from 10 to 35 degrees it creates perfect conditions for viniculture.

The surrounding forest has also a great influence on the aromas of the wine, leaving hints of stone fruits and berries.

Assemblage of the wine

Vino Peter Lisicky is a combination of two wine varieties with perfectly balanced ratio that gives the wine richness, complexity and an unforgettable taste and aroma. Dornfelder gives the wine its rich dark ruby colour and aromas, whilst Frankovka (Blaufrankish) adds body, tannins and a long lasting aftertaste.

Tasting Notes:

Slightly earthy nose of strawberries, rose hips, wet leaves, bark and orange peel on the nose. Medium-bodied with crisp acidity and fine tannins. More straightforwardly fruity on the palate with plenty of sweet red-berry and citrus notes. 

Best Enjoyed:

Beef, Pork or Duck

Ageing Potential: 10 Years

Serving Temperature: 16-18'C

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